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Interpretation Master Classes

The interpretation master classes associate the repertoire of the 20th century with recent creation to exceed historic specializations. They offer a privileged access to a selection of mixed music works of reference, where the dimension of the sound projection is an integral part of the performance.

The repertoire imposed for each master class does not exclude suggestions made by the applying musicians. The instructors of each master class must validate these suggestions.

Master classes

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Interpretation Master classes
23 April 2012

Sébastien Vichard ©Aymeric Warmé-Janville

Pierre Laurent Aimard ©Marco Borggreve

Master-class — Piano

Sébastien Vichard, Pierre Laurent Aimard
et Christiane Oelze (soprano, for the Lieder Master Class)

June 18—29, 2012

Master-class — Lieder

Christiane Oelze

June 26—29, 2012

Christiane Oelze ©Natalie Bothur

Master-class — Cello

Pierre Strauch

June 18—24, 2012

Pierre Strauch©Aymeric Warmé-Janville

Master-class — String Quartet

Quatuor Arditti

June 23—25, 2012



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